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Digital Story:


I decided to use iMovie to create my digital story for two reasons: I have used it before, and I knew that there were sounds effects and audio clips built in that I could use.  I began with storyboarding which helped me get organized.  I underestimated the amount of time the editing process would take.  I wrote my script and gathered my images but spent hours on editing – and there are still things I would change!  The use of technology for this project was essential.  From using google docs for storyboarding, gathering images and video clips online, and using apps on my iPad to create content, a project like this would not be possible without powerful technology tools.  Although I am satisfied with the final product, it is the process that really made me think about how to best use the technology to get my point across.  And most importantly, the nature of this work – the editing, recording, mixing – forced me to think about my research interests from a different perspective – I had to make them visual.  This was both challenging and exciting.

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