Global Collaborative Projects

Global Collaboration

We are lucky that we live in an age where learning about another community and culture is just a skype call away!  We participate in many projects with students around the world.  Here are some highlights of those collaborations.  For more detailed information about the various projects we participate in please visit my school blog:

Quadblogging, Skyping with Authors, Tweeting App Developers, and more!  The 2013-2014 school year has been filled with a number of amazing global collaborative projects.  More info to come!

I had the privilege of sharing some of the work we are doing with global collaboration at the 2013 ISTE Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Here is my presentation:

Sharing our Hawaiian Language and Culture – We are very lucky to have a global audience to share with.  Wether it’s chanting to a class in Australia, singing to a gym full of students in New Jersey, or teaching Hawaiian words to third graders in Maine, we love sharing ourselves with others.  In the video below you will see Kumu Crabbe, teacher of Hawaiian Language and Culture, guiding a group of our fifth graders as they show a class of Native Cree students how to dance Hula.

The Mitten Project – In this exciting project we work with classes from around the world to create our own versions of the story “The Mitten” by Jan Brett.  We use local animals and a local setting.  We skype with them to say hi and sing some Hawaiian songs.  And then we share our story, listen to their story, and ask each other questions.  Here are some highlights of our participation in this project.

Collaborative Writing in Google Docs – We have embraced the use of google docs in our elementary school.  One of the most powerful ways we have use these Google tools is by collaboratively writing with students from other places around the world.  Click here to see a story written by two students from Hawaiʻi and two students from Baltimore, Maryland.  You will notice that their names are written before various paragraphs.  They all worked through the writing process together.  Their names are there because at the end of their writing process they read their story aloud during a Skype session.

Google Sites – We are involved in a number of projects using Google Sites.  Google Sites allow us to create a space with another class or school where we can share work, and expand on the connections that we make using other tools like Skype and Edmodo.  Click here to view the google site of an “Alien Exchange” project we participated in with a class from Boston!

Our Collaboration with Wales – We are very lucky to have a relationship with a school in Swansea, Wales.  Over the past two years we have shared videos, collaborated using web tools, and yes, we even skyped with them!  To view a selection of postings that contain information we have learned, videos, pictures, and more, click here!  Our most recent project has been comparing various parts of our lives with a google presentation.  Check it out:

Mystery Skypes – A fun way to test our geography skills, a mystery skype is called that because we donʻt know who we are skyping with!  Through the answering of questions and the studying of maps we slowly figure out who it is that we are skyping with.

Collaboration Using Web Tools – We use a variety of Web Tools to work with students from other places.  These include google, edmodo, glogster, padlet, and more!

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