The i5 Framework


The i5 Framework for Education was created by a small group of educators to support teacher creativity and collaboration towards the design of new and innovative learning experiences for students.

The i5 Framework was created as a part of my dissertation through three rounds of design and testing of the framework by a group of educators. Engaging in the development and use of the framework was found to impact the creativity and collaboration of the participating teachers, their teaching, and the learning of their students. I found that creativity is a mindset inherent in effective teaching and that creative synthesis is key to innovative change. The framework provided opportunities for interdependence of thinking and co-construction; it supported seeking and sharing multiple perspectives; and provided ongoing opportunities for reflection and feedback. Using The i5 Framework helped teachers design new learning experiences that supported deep thinking and cultural connections in their students.

My dissertation can be found here:

Richardson, C. (2018). Supporting collaborative creativity in education: The development of the i5 Framework. Michigan State University. Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.

The i5 Framework itself, and guidelines for use, can be found here:

Richardson. C. (2018). The i5 Framework Implementation Guide.





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