Motivation Interview

My Audio Interview: What Motivates Teenagers?


Reflection on Creating the Audio Interview

I conducted my interview with a 9th grader.  I knew that I wanted to interview someone in middle or high school because that’s when, in my opinion, student motivation and interest in school rapidly decreases.  I chose to use GarageBand to record and edit my interview because I have experience with the software.  I was also excited about using GarageBand because I wanted to compose a short musical introduction for my interview.

The editing process itself took longer than expected.  I ended up with many different bits and pieces, fitting them together was challenging.  In that respect, it would have been much easier to write up an account of the interview.  However, a written report would have not had the same impact.  When you can listen to a person’s voice, it is easier to put yourself in their shoes; to understand things from their perspective.

The challenge of creating an audio project motivated me to finish and increased my sense of pride in the final product.  I write papers all the time.  I do not create 4 minute podcasts all the time.  Most importantly, I think that audio and radio shows hold a special place in the field of educational technology.  With audio we can use our imaginations.  We are not constrained by the images that someone else puts before us.  We are able to harness the power of our own experience and relate that to what we are listening to.  As you listen to the young man in my interview, you may be reminded of teenagers in your own life.  This may create a more (or less) rewarding experience for you.  Listening to a radio show or podcast is like going on a guided journey through one’s experiences and imagination.



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