Student Work

Digital Storytelling

An important aspect of my technology curriculum during my years as a classroom teacher was using various tools to tell stories.  Below are a few examples of student created digital stories.

“The Shark and the Milky Way” – A Hawaiian Legend:

Hawaiʻi, Our Home:

All About Me:

“The Dagger” – a student created original story

Music Videos:  We like to use our video editing skills to create music videos.  We especially like to share music that incorporates aspects of the Hawaiian Language and/or Culture.

Jingle Bells (In English and Hawaiian):

Kana Kalopa (Santa Claus):

Using Tools to Publish and Share

Using Google Docs, students are able to collaborate on work and share it with a wide audience.  Here is a presentation that a group of fifth graders created to share some information about Hawaiʻi with students they were working with in Maryland.

Glogster allows us to create online posters!  We use it for many different purposes.  Check out this glog that a student created about how her mom makes the best apple pie!

Other Projects

St. Joseph School Garden Project: One of the projects that my third graders participated in during the 2008-2009 School year was the creation of a school garden.  We were helped by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture who then created a video using footage shot during the making and growing of our school garden.  Here is the video in two parts:

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