Publications and Manuscripts


Henriksen, D., Richardson, C. & Mehta, R. (2017). Design thinking: a creative approach to educational problems of practice. Thinking Skills and Creativity.  26. (pp. 140-153).

Henriksen, D. & Richardson, C. (2017). Teachers are Designers: Addressing Problems of Practice in Education. Phi Delta Kappan.  99(1). (pp. 60-64).

Richardson, C., & Mishra, P. (2017). The Courage to be Creative: An Interview with Yong Zhao. Tech Trends.

Henriksen, D., Mehta, R. & Mehta, S., & Richardson, C. (in press). Design thinking gives STEAM to teaching: A framework that breaks disciplinary boundaries. In M. Khine.; S. Areepattamannil; M. Melkonian (Eds.). STEAM Education: Theory, Research and Practice.

Richardson, C., & Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2016). Navigating the Tensions Inherent in understanding Creativity: An Interview with Mark RuncoTech Trends (60)5, 415-418.

Mishra, P., Henriksen, D., Boltz, L. O., Richardson, C. (2015). E-Leadership and Teacher Development Using ICT. In R. Huang; Kinshuk; J. K. Price (Eds.). ICT in Education in Global Context: Comparative Reports of Innovations in K-12 Education. Berlin: Springer. pp. 249-266.

Henriksen, D., Keenan, S., Richardson, C., Mishra, P., & the Deep-Play Research Group (2015). Rethinking Technology and Creativity in the 21st Century: Play as a Foundational Thinking Skill & Trans-disciplinary Habit of Mind. Tech Trends (59)3: 5-10. **Incorrectly published with the title: Modeling as a trans-disciplinary formative skill and practice

Richardson, C., (2012) Meaningful Global Collaboration. Learning and Leading with Technology 40 (1).

Manuscripts Under Review:

Richardson. C., & Mishra, P. Learning Environments in Support of Creativity – Developing the SCALE. Submitted to Thinking Skills and Creativity, January 2017.

Henriksen, D., & Richardson, C. Design Thinking: A Creative Approach to Educational Problems of Practice. Submitted to Thinking Skills and Creativity, January 2017.

Publications as part of the Deep Play Research Group:

Henrkisen, D., DeSchryver, M., Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2015). Transform and transcend: Synthesis as a trans-disciplinary approach to thinking and learning. Tech Trends (59)4.

Lee, J., Hicks, D., Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P.& the Deep-Play Research Group (2015). Historical soundscapes for creative synthesis. Tech Trends (59)5. 4-8.

Boltz, L. O., Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (in press). Empathy through Gaming—Perspective Taking in a Complex World. Tech Trends (59)6

Mehta, R., Mishra, P., & Henriksen, D., & the Deep-Play Research Group (2016). Creativity in mathematics and beyond — Learning from Fields medal winners. Tech Trends (59)7

Mehta., R. Mishra, P. & the Deep-Play Research Group (2016). Downtime as a key to novelty generation: Understanding the neuroscience of creativity with Dr. Rex Jung. TechTrends (60)6.

Henriksen, D., Cain, W., $ the Deep-Play Research Group (2017). Uncreativity: a discussion on working creativity before and after ideation with Dr. Chris Bilton. TechTrends (61)2.

Other Writing

Passion in Education Master’s thesis


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