Student Feedback

Student feedback from course evaluations is provided below as evidence of my commitment to building positive relationships with students and providing relevant learning experiences.

In a large class the instructors made sure to foster a supportive and inclusive environment. Discussions were engaging and interesting, but perhaps most importantly they remained respectful while a large group shared their individual opinions. The material and expectations were presented in a clear way. Feedback was prompt and detailed.

This class is was fantastic! I was not completely sure what to expect when I enrolled, but I was absolutely blown away by the learning experience. I learned a lot and was pleased to find the class designed in a way that it could be personalized to individual interests to some degree.

The strength of the course, and in my experience of the program thus far, was the chance to immediately apply each module’s lessons to my own work in the classroom. I enjoyed the challenge of moving my problem of practice through each design mode. The labs were also a useful way to get hands-on experience with the module’s key concepts before applying them to the problem of practice.

I loved the way this course was organized, put into groups to work with peers and the instructors gave great feedback quickly in the form of digital comments that were placed within our assignments and sparks notebook.  I felt like they were truly invested in my progress and how their content was affecting my teaching.

It was very interesting and not like other classes I have taken in the MAET program.  I really got to exercise some very different tools and learned a lot about myself and my teaching through the creativity that was fostered in this class.  Also, the course material was just the right amount for a teacher that is teaching full time as the course is going on.  It was REALLY well done.
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